About You

About You

Our Clients Are Everything

We know you’re busy and we know you care about your bottom line.

We can help with that!

Effective today, we are your new strategic partner in business because…

We want to grow your business!
We want you to reach more people!
We want to maximize your advertising investment!

The point is, you’re not paying for advertising, you’re hiring a strategic partner!

Need more convincing?

Since 1994, Artrageous Advertising has been the most art-rageously creative marketing, advertising, graphic design and web development agency in Lethbridge, Alberta. We believe in creating strong relationships with our clients and understanding their goals in order to help them succeed. We deliver the kind of marketing and advertising services that engage consumers, increase visibility and help build strong brand loyalty.

Check out some samples of our work, review our list of services, read some testimonials and have a look at a partial client list to give you a sense of who we are, what we do, and who we have helped succeed.

We work on projects as simple as business card orders to corporate video productions and everything in between. We are known for managing full blown annual marketing budgets for all aspects of your advertising efforts.