Can social artificial intelligence help a business that is “brand” focused?

Can social artificial intelligence help a business that is “brand” focused?

Can social artificial intelligence help a business that is “brand” focused?

I was recently challenged by some friends in the industry with some disbelief of how Ai would help SMB’s (small, medium sized and even national businesses) achieve their social marketing goals. I mean Ai can’t help produce meaningful content since it is just a bot system right?

Not true! The biggest misconception about artificial intelligent tools is that it is merely an automation tool that creates content on its own. While it’s true that there are many social automation solutions claiming to be artificially intelligent, we have vigorously studied many are not Ai! Truth is many Ai systems only offer the automation aspect, therefore not actually living up to the importance of data-driven Ai learning that ASSISTS marketing professionals to make smarter decisions.

The fact is, REAL social artificial intelligence is not about automation, it’s about data gathering that allow agencies like Artrageous and our team of creative professionals with information that would otherwise take absorbent amounts of time to analyze (if it was even possible). Our social Ai algorithm takes thousands of data points into account, feeding us extremely valuable information that allows us to customize and curate content in a meaningful and creative way that deliver businesses with quantitative results. Furthermore, it allows us to better understand your company’s follower base and make sincere, strategic online and off-line marketing recommendations that lead to increased sales!

But again, to emphasize “brand focused” social media, Ai ultimately allows for more cohesive, data-driven decision making that can amplify our approach to businesses with high brand focus and story-telling interests.

So if the question remains, are we able to produce brand focused messaging with the use of Ai? Absolutely!! The real question should be, if you’re not utilizing tools and working with agencies that are leading the field in Ai assisted solutions… are you losing market share and brand loyalty? Are you willing to risk that by merely hiring an internal employee or agency who may not have the experience and technology to execute in today’s data-driven world? And furthermore, even when working with a talented social media individual does their pay reflect the time necessary to gather this information effectively for you? Our research shows likely NOT.

Reflect on those questions for a day, and if you have the slightest feeling or inclination that you could be executing better social media strategies, done in professional and brand focused ways, that will deliver bottom line results… then we need to talk! Think of it as a way to learn more about an ever-changing landscape. And hey, if at the end of the day we’re not a good fit, no hard feelings 😉

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