Comparing Costs of Ai to Hiring a Social Media Manager

Comparing Costs of Ai to Hiring a Social Media Manager

Comparing Costs of Ai to Hiring a Social Media Manager


Today I am going to break down a huge misconception about social artificial intelligence software and professional social media management. That is, the cost of the product compared to traditional means of doing social media ie. a person or team of people developing and curating posts that follow your strategic social plan.


Let’s start with a strategic social plan or social strategy. If you don’t have one don’t worry, the truth is most national brands don’t even have a true social strategy. They have a marketing strategy that they push on social, but they do not have a true formulated strategy to follow on their social platforms. This is a huge mistake, as we are finding particularly social Ai; the way people interact with conversations and marketing material digitally is different from how they interact with traditional non-digital advertising. The data Ai systems collect tells us this down to specific dates, times, platforms, images/video and color themes!


For us at Artrageous this makes it easy and seamless to develop ongoing social strategies that are constantly growing, changing and evolving. The same way your business, your customer base and your audience are. In fact every three months we review the data and host a strategy meeting with our clients to marry the organization’s marketing goals with what the data we’ve collected. We use insights from the data and your organization to formulate a creative content plan to strike gold with your audience while still meeting and exceeding the goals of your organization!


I know I was going to speak about cost from the start and went off on this social strategic plan. But, there is a reason for that! We have seen companies that spend thousands of dollars and have multiple agencies running their social platforms. Pages with tens of thousands even millions of followers. Getting less than 10 engagements per post; in some cases delivering less than a few pieces of content per month. Content which has not much rhyme or reason and clearly does not follow any form of strategy. Imagine having an audience of 20,000, spending thousands of dollars with an agency to monitor and run all your social platforms. And your only giving yourself the chance of reaching minimal followers each month with the same to similar content that is not performing. That is the definition of crazy!


So for the cost of social Ai. It does fluctuate from business to business based on the licensing options. I said in my blog post last week that social Ai costs less than to hire a minimum wage employee. That is true, and in fact; it could cost even less! We are so confident in social Ai and our ability to use data to get the best results for your organization that we put our necks on the line and work on a performance based system! The average (median) cost per click for engagements across social platforms is about $0.77. Which is lower than a google ad campaign by far. For every engagement we deliver we charge $0.75 up to a maximum cost of $2500 a month! That means if you get 20,000 engagements in a month you still only pay $2500. We challenge you to find another social agency anywhere that is willing to work off of performance!


Beyond the performance base you still get the content delivery and the formulated strategic planning. There are many other Features, Advantages, and Benefits of social Ai that I will highlight in the coming weeks. But for now just think about that cost. We are going to drive true interactions for your business that will translate to higher conversions and higher sales!


By Connor Derry

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