Content Clusters, The social media phrase your business needs to know.

Content Clusters, The social media phrase your business needs to know.

Content Clusters, The social media phrase your business needs to know.

What is a content cluster? If you are not involved with artificial intelligence for social media marketing, a content cluster is probably a new term to you. But here is why you should know what a content cluster is and why your business should be monitoring content cluster reports! 


A content cluster is a group of content that shares similar imagery. The imagery can be different photos/ videos but they would be in a similar category. For instance images of a beach with teal water, blue skies and sunshine. On a similar color theme like a teal green, or a specific color code #66cda which is a medium aquamarine. Content clusters gives us deep insights into what your audience wants to see and how they are engaging with the content. As a marketer we can look at a single image and say wow that piece of content performed well or that the content did not perform well at all. But does that mean that the image itself is poor performing or that the entire category of this style of image and the colors in the content are under performing? This is why content clusters are so important for social media marketing. 


A content cluster takes a group of content shared over a period of time i.e 3 months. This content is grouped into the top performing posts that have similar imagery (like a christmas tree) with similar color themes like a pearl white with a color code of #ffdead. Within this content cluster we can take much more data than a single post. And since all of these are similar images with similar color schemes, using data, we can remove the guesswork out of what to post and when to post it. 


Data within a content cluster either performs above the median post interaction or below it. If your company is putting a large budget into taking pictures of a company vehicle in front of a house with green grass. But, the content from such a cluster of images is performing below the median of your audiences interactions. And a cluster of employee photo’s is performing at a higher rate above the median of audience interactions; but, there are fewer employee posts because content budget has been focused on a vehicle in front of a house. We can make more educated decisions on how to adjust our budget to produce higher quality content that our audience WANTS TO SEE! 


There are thousands of different content clusters that can be produced from your current social media content. Looking at one post does not paint the picture of an audience or their behaviors. Looking at clusters of posts is the only logical way to truly begin to understand what your audience wants to see on social media. With artificial intelligence this is just the start! Content clusters help us determine what kind of content is performing best, and how we as content creators can be creative with the data that is being provided to us. Ai also optimizes post timings, boosted budgets, and competitor analysis so you know exactly what your competitors successes and failures are in real time.


Are you aware of the content clusters on your social platforms and how these clusters are performing with your audience? If not drop as a line in our contact form and we will be glad to help! 


By: Connor Derry

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