Debunking the myths about social organic reach

Debunking the myths about social organic reach

Debunking the myths about social organic reach

I want to debunk the many myths I hear about reach and impressions among organic followers on social media platforms. I’ve heard from local businesses all the way up to national brands about theories of how Facebook’s algorithm works and how many of their audience a post will reach. I have heard anywhere from a reach of only 2% all the way up to 10% of your pages followers. The reality is that this is inaccurate, and you can actually reach far more of your audience then just 2 – 10%. In fact with proper data and quality content a business should have no problem reaching between 200% – 1000% of their audience. That’s right 2 – 10 TIMES the reach of how many followers your businesses social page has! 


It is all in the content, and not just any content. You have to be producing content that your audience wants to see and is likely to engage with on a higher level then just producing what you “think” will resonate. Every time a member of your audience engages in some way with your content all of a sudden your content ranks higher. Facebook and Instagram say “if this person likes/ comments on this post then maybe their friends or followers might like it as well.” Which means your content is pushed to friends/ followers of your audience. This helps your monthly content reach an audience that is much greater than your organic follower base. Overtime with  consistently strong reach and high impressions, your businesses social page will see increases in organic following. This creates a snowball effect of growth on your page. 


So what is the key to reaching a much larger audience than your organic follower base? Quality content that is produced on a consistent basis. The content must be quality and it must be content that is going to make your audience engage or interact with that content in some way. That can be a like, share, post click, comment, or direct message. The content needs to inspire your audience to take some form of action! Secondly, be consistent! Most posts on social media, unless they go viral, die within 48 to 72 hours. That means after 3 days the chances of anyone ever seeing that piece of content again are slim. So your businesses page should be posting at minimum once every 3 days! That equals 10 pieces of quality content every month to help maximize your social platforms and get the most reach and engagement out of your posts. If there is one thing we know; the higher the reach and engagement, the higher the exposure, which translates to higher sales! 


Now producing 10 pieces of quality content a month sounds easy. But for most, producing this amount of content on a regular basis is actually quite time consuming and challenging. For most businesses, even those that have an in-house marketer that is taking care of their social strategy, planning and producing a minimum of 10 pieces of content per month is still difficult. Not to mention the content that is usually being produced comes from personal bias into what goals the business wants to accomplish. This creates a void of content that may not be exactly what your audience wants to see. Which in the long run will affect the amount of engagements each post receives. And, when engagement is down we see reach go down. So that 2 – 10% rule goes out the window. Poor content will be punished, consistent poor content is not only going to decrease your reach and engagement; it will decrease your overall audience.


So how do we go about producing quality content that our audience wants to see and wants to engage with on a consistent basis? 


Any marketer or business owner can follow social trends and seasons to try and maximize social performance or hit key areas that their audience will likely jump on board with. And this is a great step in the right direction! Social trends will help bring higher engagement and higher reach. However, posting 10 times per month simply tagging social trends is not necessarily going to help your business reach its goals. To reach those goals we must look into big data. Because the reality is any marketer who is producing content outside of big data analyzed content is creating biased content. That is content tailored to the business not to the audience. 


With the use of Ai that collects enormous data on audience behaviours, Artrageous can create content that is tailored to that audience. Content that is both quality and consistently proven to create higher engagement which boosts reach much higher than your businesses organic follower base. The results are higher brand awareness, stronger social media performance, a constant growing social page with strong brand ambassadors. And the best part, this much positivity almost always translates to higher bottom line sales. 


Is it expensive to implement an Ai system for social media marketing?


No Absolutely not! I have said it before and I will say it again. Top of the line packages for social media management with Ai are around $2500 a month or less. Think about the cost to hire, train, pay taxes, benefits, Ei, CPP, workers comp, sick days, technology, computers, cameras, software etc.. on a full time employee! You can’t afford not to give social media management with Ai a try. It is a 24/7 employee that gathers data, produces recommendations, and helps us create conversations with your audience!

By: Connor Derry

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