Has Elon Musk Gone CRAZY? Sending a car to space?!

Has Elon Musk Gone CRAZY? Sending a car to space?!

Has Elon Musk Gone CRAZY? Sending a car to space?!

Has Elon Musk gone crazy, or has he pulled the most awesome publicity stunt?
And what can you learn from him?

Ground control to Major Tom, do you copy?

      SpaceX, a private US aerospace manufacturer owned by Elon Musk, has successfully launched its new Falcon Heavy spacecraft, making it the world’s most powerful rocket. Along with it is a Tesla Roadster vehicle, “piloted” by the mannequin “Starman”. This rocket represents a massive leap forward for science. Due to the its self landing properties, the technology and systems of the rocket can be drastically improved as there will be no parts discarded into space during launch. This also means that the cost to launch the Falcon Heavy will be significantly less than any other spacecraft. With cheaper flights and more rocket power, we can start launching better satellites. From there on the scientific benefits are immeasurable.




Ok, so what does that have anything to do with Marketing?

      Space exploration is a really expensive endeavour, and its sole purpose is to supply mankind with scientific advancements. Now, imagine if every single person on Earth woke up tomorrow and decided that space exploration was pointless. There would be no way for the space programs to go on. Ending voyages space and the scientific advancements that go with them.

      The public’s interest and excitement towards things is what makes the free market work. Both Public and Private funded enterprises need to have the support of the public for two reasons. The first reason being because it is our money (taxes) paying for these things and the second because of the basic  consumer principle of supply and demand. If the market/public has no interest in the things SpaceX creates, how can SpaceX capture the interest of investors?

Now, what better way to make space exploration interesting other than to do that which every kid has dreamed of while playing with their rocket in the backyard?

“Let’s attach a car to a rocket and launch it to see what happens!”

      Elon Musk has appealed to our childhood senses, taking us back and helping us dream again as we once so freely did.  With this brilliant marketing initiative, Elon Musk has the media buzzing about about SpaceX. People are amazed and engaging with the content, and SpaceX is in the mind of the market creating demand and excitement, exactly what Musk wanted.

Plus, you can’t deny how cool it is eh?!

So, what can we learn from this?

Start from the point Elon started: My product is boring

      And that’s the ugly truth. Your product alone is boring. Your audience is not here to only see “product, product, product” as they follow your business.
      They are here because somehow, someway they’ve identified themselves and their needs to those that your business offers solutions for.  They are here because they relate with the people that work in your business.

      Now, Elon Musk knows all of this and definitely did his homework. He’s able to understand his broad audience and find a way to call attention to his product while at same time proving the quality and concept of his rocket, in a cool way that resonates with the public.



So now ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do you understand your audience?
  • Is your business conversing with your public?
  • Or are you just talking to yourself within your business??

      There is a simple step to bridging the gap between your business and your target audience. In the world of Social Marketing, we have the wonderful Social Media Marketing. Social Media is essential for your business to have more online presence and communicate more effectively with its audience. Not to mention that it helps you understand your customers better, which helps with your strategy planning.

      Decrease the gap between your Target Audience and your Brand. Bring your brand closer to the top of your consumers mind, while creating a constant point of contact/sales with your public. Put your business on Social Media!

Be like Elon Musk, push the boundaries of business, make your brand talk with its public.

This is Major Tom, to ground control... over and out.


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