How to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Channels

How to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Channels

How to Increase Engagement on Your Social Media Channels

Changes to algorithms happen regularly on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For most businesses it is impossible to keep up and adjust your social media strategies accordingly. Truth is, most business owners don’t really understand the power of social media marketing and how to harness this incredible tool for engagement and word-of-mouth advertising.

You’re not alone! Many agencies even struggle with creating engaging content that drives business forward. This is because many agencies lack the tools and experience to truly enhance a business’s social channels. In fact, companies often look for the least expensive way to manage their channels and employ young individuals to create content. Even though you are generating content, you’re likely getting penalized for creating poor content! Poor content can be classified as posting on the wrong day, at the wrong time, with the wrong topics of interest.

So what’s the solution to all of this?

Social Artificial Intelligence!!!

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and there are now tools that help people and agencies ensure the right content, on the right platform, at the right time is being placed. Social machine learning takes the work out of trying to figure out what to post and when; even the media type! This goes to show that without technological tools helping creative individuals and teams produce content, you are likely just wasting your money.

Artrageous is fortunate enough to be a leader in Western Canada in this space allowing us to effectively manage social channels with Ai but also offer a stand-alone option for companies that have internal individuals or teams running their day-to-day marketing efforts. Using social Ai will show results in very little time and help business owners better understand what is happening and what progress is being made in a very transparent manner.

Learn more about social artificial intelligence by clicking here and watch your engagement and word of mouth grow exponentially!

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