Introduction into Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing

Introduction into Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing

Introduction into Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, Ai for short. That thing that your used to hearing about in sci-fi movies or in an Elon Musk interview. Some find it exciting, some find it scary, most don’t take the time or have the time to understand what Ai is or how it works. So today, in short, and over the course of the coming weeks I am going to break down what social Ai is and how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to social media marketing!

Social media is simple… Right? Most of us at this point grew up with our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sharing all of our personal lives from photos, to who we are currently in a relationship with. This was well before the concept of advertising on social media and boosted/ sponsored posts. Today almost every business is on at least one social media platform, most are on multiple. The goal is to reach our audience as frequently as possible and share with them everything from deals, to company culture, products, branding, and much more.

As a business we have goals that we want to reach and achieve, and our social content usually reflects that in some way; however, have you ever thought about if your audience wants to see the content you are producing? Or what content resonates the most with your audience or your industry. Or what time of day and on what platform you should be posting. Or even what the color themes should be in your posts and what hashtags, verbage, and keywords your audience wants to see the most. Up to this point in time strategy is based on guess and check. Post something gauge the results. If our audience likes the post and engages, post similar content again. This creates a cat and mouse game of “chase the likes” on our social media platforms!

With artificial intelligence guess work of content gets removed!

What does that mean exactly?

Social Ai gathers data on your audience and your top ten competitors audiences for the past 2 years and everything moving forward! Gathering millions of metadata points every day and transferring them through statistical regressions and algorithms to show you a multitude of insights that would otherwise not be visible to the naked eye. Insights into content are specific to each platform, day, week, month and season. Further, the content tells us color themes, content themes, keywords, hashtags, and imagery. Ai pins down specific regions for your audience and the difference in content that resonates with an audience from a specific region.

For example a large beer producer that uses social Ai found that in California the audience wants to see a bottle of beer on a table in a social setting ie. a bar. The same products Texas audience wanted to see a can of beer in a more rural setting ie. a person in a farmers field drinking a beer can. Now this seems like common sense when your talking about two totally different markets of the same product. For this company a simple adjustment across the nation for tailored marketing to specific regions saw revenues grow nationally by 2%.

Is your company tailoring all of their content to specific regions? If so leave me a comment of how they gauge what an audience wants to see in specific regions!

A large pain point for most businesses is what content do we post and when do we post it. The beautiful thing about social Ai is the intelligent foresight calendars that show the day, times, and platforms to post on; and, all of the color themes, keywords, hashtags, and imagery that is based on the industry data of what your audience wants to see.

Social Ai is not a hostile takeover of social media accounts that are being run by robots. It is a software, a tool, that is making sense of millions of data points to help you understand your audience and your customer better! The beautiful thing is that once we understand how our audience engages digitally we can translate this information to offline strategies such as billboards, print media, radio and video commercials!

The better you know your audience, your client base and your industry the more likely you are to succeed in the marketplace. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on market research trying to figure out the best product or the best way to deliver to their customer base. Social Ai has the ability to tell you these insights in real time! It does all this and more for about the same cost as hiring a minimum wage employee!

If you want to learn more about what social Ai can do for your business leave us a comment below saying LEARN! And I will personally reach out to schedule a discovery meeting. If your not quite sold yet don’t worry. In the coming weeks I will be breaking down all the ways Social Ai can influence your marketing techniques in business and how we can be creative with the data!

By: Connor Derry 06-11-19

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