Marketing Post Lockdown

Marketing Post Lockdown

Marketing Post Lockdown

Marketing Post Lockdown


As lockdown restrictions are being slowly lifted in different sectors of the economy, there appears to be some semblance of normal life starting to resume.

What’s interesting is that gone is any focus on profiteering – instead, businesses are taking time to connect with their clients on a personal level, more than ever before. Simply, this is something that companies must not stop as shutdowns are eased. Switching gears too quickly will be confusing to your audience.


Have you been marketing on social media?

During COVID-19, has your business been hiding? If so, the first thing you must do is re-establish your brand presence. It’s understandable that during this time you’ve been hiding, not knowing how to react and not wanting to spend marketing dollars. If you’re scared, that’s okay, but now is the time to be brave and start posting or partner with a marketing company to ease you back into a new marketing normal.

The truth is, many businesses are facing financial uncertainty and your customers/fans may think that your company has not survived, or they may have simply forgotten about you in all of the chaos. Make sure they’re aware you’re still around and how you are approaching this situation. What are your hours? What are you offering? How can they order? Can they come into the store, or do you only have curbside pick-up available?

Remember that as Lethbridge eases out of this pandemic, your customers will be in different positions. What this means is that you don’t have to be afraid to talk about your products or services – just do it in a meaningful way. Acknowledge that times are challenging and try new things like offering free delivery. One idea that’s interesting is offering VIP services. You may only be able to have one customer in your store at a time, so make it special and brand it as a VIP experience.

For the very foreseeable future, social media and digital channels will remain the best way to capture attention and grow your client base.

Our recommendation is that as soon as you’re able to, get a video crew to shoot plenty of footage of your store, products, promotions, sanitation processes and fun commercials. Online video consumption is on the rise and is no doubt leading the way. This is why you’ll need footage for various platforms. You’ll want video not only for your standard social feeds, but also for other formats such as vertical platforms – TikTok, IGTV, etc.


So, are you ready?

Get yourself in a positive mindset and start getting creative about your new approach to business and sales. Get out of your pyjamas and start communicating the new opportunities you’ll be offering. Captivate your audience and think hard about what they need and want right now. Most importantly, start doing and stop waiting!

If you need a quick and FREE 30-minute strategy session, reach out to us. It’s free and may set you on the right path without needing to commit to anything with us. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

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