Indoor Digital Billboards

Indoor Digital Billboards

Cell Phone Charging Stations

We offer a unique, High Definition advertising opportunity on our Charged Media platform.

What is Charged Media?

Charged Media stations are beautiful and secure cell phone charging stations placed in high traffic establishments such as Park Place Mall, Medicine Hat Mall, Schools, Resto-Bars and Sports & Recreation facilities that allow users to charge their mobile devices for FREE.

The charging stations contain 9 secure lockers for individuals to charge any cell phone device and the units have a 42” High Definition portrait mode screen that displays crisp static and motion based advertisement.

This allows businesses to advertise their products and services to a wide range of customers while having the flexibility to update their offerings on a weekly basis. You can also run multiple creatives at one time, which is great for businesses requiring more than one message.

Advertisements run for 10-second rotations, and you are GUARANTEED to receive a minimum of 360 displays per day on any network you select.

Visit our stand-alone website at or book a FREE consultation to learn more about this NEW and unique advertising opportunity.