Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

High Traffic Advertising At Key Locations

You need to get your message out fast and to a large audience?
You want to create community brand awareness and loyalty?
You want to drive traffic to your business… don’t you?

We have the perfect solution!

Our outdoor digital billboard advertising network is the largest in Lethbridge, Alberta. Through our partnership with GoWest Marketing, we offer high traffic advertising solutions at key locations and intersections that will get your business results.

Digital billboard advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising your business to a large audience and allows for multiple creative strategies.

Our team will strategically design the creative and messages can appear in both static and motion formats. Ads are displayed for 8 second periods and reach between 28,000 and 49,000 vehicles daily!

Don’t wait to get your business noticed by the masses. Digital billboard advertising is affordable as you can see on our rate sheet. Your business will thank you for it!