Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

We'll help you move in a new direction.

We Understand Your Pain Points

  • What are the right marketing channels for your business? 
  • What opportunities are you missing? 
  • What does all this data mean and how do you turn it into effective campaign strategies? 
  • How do you improve your digital customer experience? 
  • Who will train your internal staff to handle marketing properly and effectively?

We Do All The Thinking For you

Our 3 Step Formula To Your Success:

1. WE IDENTIFY your specific Company Goals.
2. WE ESTABLISH Marketing Strategies.
3. WE PROVIDE recommended Tactics for flawless execution.

What direction do YOU want to go?

11 Steps To Enhance Your Success


  1. Review your brand and market opportunities 
  2. Evaluate your value proposition 
  3. Identify new sales opportunities 
  4. Establish new markets and profit centres 
  5. Evaluate your current and future marketing materials 
  6. Review your online presence and social media channels 
  7. Enhance your creative advertising campaigns 
  8. Analyze your organic and paid digital data 
  9. Provide staff marketing and execution training 
  10. Implement digital customer experience strategies 
  11. Strategize with third party service providers

YOU choose any or all of the areas you want us to focus on.

Success Stories

4 industry examples of how we transform your marketing and assist in providing overall growth.

Ram Truck in the mountains


  • Found solutions to decrease advertising expenses by over $100,000 annually.
  • Tactically implemented new advertising campaigns resulting in a new brand proposition that continues to lead in hitting monthly VPA(volume purchase allowance) sales targets.
A modern kitchen with white cabinets and black appliances

Real Estate

  • Implemented new social video campaigns resulting in a 670% view rate increase , huge increase in engagement and interactions and 3,524 media minutes consumed in just 90 days.
  • New lead strategy resulting in 81 new leads with 15% closing ratio and average sale of $250,000.
A slice of pizza being taken from the whole pie


  • Assisted in reducing advertising budget approx. 40%.
  • Strategy and tactics implemented through a “cut the line” campaign increased online orders and website visits by over 142% within 90 days.
A person picking a guitar out of a long line of hanging guitars


  • Implemented organic campaigns that resulted in over 8,122 video minutes consumed in 5 months.
  • First 30 days generated 28 new digital messages.
  • Received new messaging that increased sales in an outdated profit centre.
  • Marketing Consulting

  • $700/month
    • Comprehensive marketing  consulting and reporting services for 4 hours per month.
    • Customized marketing consulting sessions using our 3 Steps To Your Success Formula and 11 Steps to Enhancement Strategy.
    • 4 hours per month can be utilized in four one hour sessions, two two hour sessions or one four hour session depending on specific needs.
    • Price based on annual commitment*

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