Marketing Training

Marketing Training

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Why Training is so Valuable for Employees

Many companies and organizations are looking for ways to retain staff members and increase their business presence at the same time. Even if you’re hiring or retaining staff to manage the company/organization marketing efforts, there are key elements that need to be taught in order to ensure they are operating optimally. Proper training will facilitate a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished to achieve your marketing goals. Here’s a way to provide Marketing training for your own staff and potentially capture 66% of the investment back. You could qualify for a 66% government reimbursement

You could qualify for a 66% government reimbursement.

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  • Want to do your own IN-HOUSE MARKETING?
  • Want your staff to LEARN FROM AN INDUSTRY EXPERT?
  • Looking to save money by NOT OUTSOURCING MARKETING TASKS?
  • Interested in a rebate/grant from the GOV. TO PAY FOR MOST OF IT?

Meet Your Marketing Expert

Hi. I’m Levi Guerra and my passion is to comb through data and understand a company, it’s customers and deliver highly creative strategies to fuel your company’s growth. With over 21 years of creative marketing experience and with my incredible and talented team behind me, we’re able to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand approach to enhance your marketing, your knowledge, and the direction it needs to go. My number 1 goal is to offer Marketing Training that allows for even the most beginner marketing employee to learn the most up-to-date ways to enhance their knowledge and create marketing objectives that deliver results. By the end of the certification program, staff will have foundational knowledge on digital marketing, what markers to look for to make smart decisions and a clear understanding of how to develop highly creative marketing campaigns.

Levi Guerra

Certifications and Awards

Advanced Google Analytics - Google

Social Marketing Certification - HootSuite Academy

Google Adwords Certification - Google

Adobe Premier Pro Cc Professional Video Editing Practices - Udemy

2011 SAM Award for Best Home Builder Ad in Canada

20 + Years Marketing and Design Experience

12 years operating a $1,000,000 + Agency

Created over 300 advertising campaigns for companies located in Canada, US and Guatemala

Marketing Training Course Overview for Employees

  • 26 – 52 week course consisting of 1 hour weekly sessions (Depending on trainees comprehension abilities and current skillsets).
  • Main objective of training is to utilize the 6 pillars of Digital Marketing to enhance skills.
  • Phases include: planning and governance, goals and measurements, media, content marketing, digital customer experiences and conversational messaging.
  • We will also explore tools and techniques to enhance advertising performance, design, photography and videography.
  • Review and enhancement technique using FB Business Manager, Google My Business, Google Ads and Youtube.
  • Provide additional resources and training to assist in certifications for Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Google Ads and Adobe Premier.
  • Certificate of completion issued upon finalizing the training course.

You may qualify for the Canada/Alberta job grant for marketing training. Recover 66% of the investment.

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  • Marketing Training

  • $700/month per employee
    • Comprehensive marketing  training and reporting services for 4 hours per month.
    • Customized marketing training sessions using our 3 Steps To Your Success Formula and 11 Steps to Enhancement Strategy.
    • 4 hours per month can be utilized in four one hour sessions, two two hour sessions or one four hour session depending on specific needs.
    • Price based on annual commitment*

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