Online Advertising

Online Advertising


How would you like to have your online advertising managed strategically and effectively? How would it feel to receive remarkable results with little more than a strategy meeting and a campaign review?

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing you have professional digital advertising specialists reviewing and optimizing your ad campaigns.

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You can finally stop wasting your time pouring over campaigns and making constant adjustments just to eke out a small return on your investment! 

Well why don’t I hire someone to do it? Or assign it to someone I already have on payroll? 

Our online advertising specialists have diplomas or degrees in digital marketing and are fully certified in Facebook Blueprint and Google Skillshop. 

Having an internal employee handle your online advertising budget makes about as much sense as asking them to repair the transmission of your vehicle because they know how to do an oil change. 

You could hire internally, but in order to get the same level of attention and care you’d get from a marketing specialist you’re going to have to cut into your advertising budget to pay for insurance, benefits, and wages. 

They’re going to be creating campaigns from scratch, performing daily checks, reviewing monthly forecasts, making adjustments, and reporting. All of these things take time, and that adds up! The difference is…

That’s what WE do. 

Artrageous Online Advertising gives you:

  • Ad Creative 
  • Campaign Set up 
  • Adgroup Set Up
  • Value Proposition Creation
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Keyword Placements, both Negative and Positive
  • Device and Audience Targeting
  • Remarketing Options

Options may vary by advertising platform.

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We’re the Online Advertising Experts

We’re already going over advertising campaigns, performing checks, reviewing monthly forecasts and reports, and making the necessary adjustments to optimize them.

We already understand the online advertising landscape – you don’t need to wait for us to get certified, trained, or educated. Our expertise enables us to understand the nuances of online advertising as well as the bigger picture, to see how an online ad spend best fits into your overall marketing strategy. 

You shouldn’t be spending your time learning this yourself, spending the money on employee training for mediocre results, or hiring internally and sacrificing 50% or more of your advertising budget for the internal salary to manage it. 

Do what you do best for your business, and…

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We cater each strategy to the platform best suited for it:


Our Google Campaigns prioritize targeting, to ensure your advertisements reach the right audience. We use advanced tools to reliably predict results, make the most efficient use of your budget and help you reach your goals.


We understand and know how to navigate the Facebook algorithm to best promote your content. Our creative ads go above and beyond basic graphics to produce real results through unique and memorable content.


We create powerful and engaging YouTube video advertisements. Our work stands apart from the traditional, flat advertisements that are often skipped over. We implement strategies to grow your viewership and provide monthly reports so you can see the effectiveness of your advertising.


… Pouring over online ad campaigns yourself. 

… Settling for mediocre results on your ad spends.

… Juggling training tutorials and hiring processes.

All it takes is an initial discovery meeting to specify your budget and your goals, and then a campaign review to go over progress, results, and expenses.

Don’t trust one person with your campaign. Two heads are better than one, and we’ve got a whole team with a wide range of specialization and countless years of experience. When we create online advertisements they’re designed with professional knowledge, crafted with industry-leading talent, and refined through years of collective experience. A single employee, rarely if ever has the level of knowledge, talent and equipment required to get the whole job done. And even if they did, your business would be paying for it in full. More than likely, they’re going to have to outsource SOMETHING to get the job done, let alone get it done ON TIME.

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Our Online Advertising Delivers UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS!

In fact, if you couldn’t see them, you’d think we were making them up. 

But you can see them. 

All these online platforms compile and display data on the performance of your campaign and we review this performance with you periodically based on the length of your term.

Your results are:




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Artrageous Online Advertising has unbelievable value!

For $2000 get upwards of 80,000 IMPRESSIONS!

Specify your budget, detail your goals, set it and FORGET IT.

Doesn’t that sound like a winning strategy? 

Don’t you want to stop wasting your time learning complex software, trends, and digital toolboxes that are constantly in flux?

Don’t you want to stop spending money training employees to deliver results that are behind schedule and below your level of standards?

Don’t you want to start getting the results you need to get new leads, make more sales, and grow your business? 


That’s our commitment to you!

It’s time to have all of your online advertising managed strategically and effectively.