Social Artificial Intelligence

Social Artificial Intelligence

Social Media Marketing is not a ZERO sum game. In today’s social environment you are not merely competing against your competitors, but also against friend posts, news items, etc.

In today’s competitive social media landscape, your business needs more than just posts to your social channels. Isn’t it time you deployed an intelligent execution?

Artrageous uses artificial intelligence (Ai) to optimize social media marketing.

Artificial intelligence removes the need for graphs, charts, spreadsheets, and guesswork when planning your social media strategy. Artrageous uses Ai to handle the analysis automatically and intelligently.

Employing a huge dataset and machine learning algorithms, Artrageous creates a predictive model that knows exactly what to do and when to do it. Artrageous then takes action based on those parameters to maximize your social marketing.

We utilize an intelligent Foresight Calendar that indicates only what we need to know to allow us to focus on superior fact-based design and copywriting. Intelligent algorithms customize the guide to your business and give Artrageous the capabilities to optimize the metrics that are most important to your brand.

The Ai system tells us the best content to utilize for a specific day, at a specific time, and with the correct platform. Additionally, it allows us to take advantage of intelligent ad planning, deep content analysis and competitive insight. Using artificial intelligence and data from your competitors, Artrageous can create content that inspires consumers to take action.

Ai empowers Artrageous to improve your strategies and content; helping customers see between a 40% – 500% increase in social marketing results. We can utilize social intelligent analysis and begin to apply effective and engaging data-driven creative strategies across other real-world advertising platforms.

Through deep learning Artrageous will help you improve your website, online advertising, out-of-home advertising (Billboards, etc.), radio, video and many other traditional mediums with proven results-driven content.